As Ortadoğu Holding, we have managed to fit successful investments and projects into our history of over 40 years both in Turkey and globally. In the road where we began with construction and land transportation, today we continue to be active in the fields which we think are critical for our country. For us, it is the biggest reward to see the results of our innovative and successful works in every field in we are active that create positive contributions to our country and the world.

Seeing our Group which grows day by day along with taking very important steps towards becoming institutionalized as well as continuation of the efforts towards this with devotion give us important clues that our success today will continue into the future. Parallel to this, we want to continue our work without compensating from our basic values and protect our sustainable growth.

We see it as an important mission to contribute to improvement and progress of our country and the world not only economically, but also by providing services in social and educational fields. We make sure to fulfill these services with an active role in educational and cultural institutions such as Beyoğlu Education and Culture Foundation, Güneysu Cultural Center and the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University.