Despite the serious economic crises all around the world particularly in European countries, the growth rate of Turkey and especially the stability in the last 10 years continue to increase. It is inevitable that this stability is making Turkey an economic power. Also with this power, Turkey has taken on the form of being the center of attention. There is no doubt that for growth to be healthy and sustainable, all shareholders will need to shoulder responsibilities. Therefore, it is important for all types of planning to be made and precautions to be taken. Turkey, who had entered an international cooperation which could not be anticipated 20 years ago, today has made business with nearly every single country. Also, our relations with all the countries in the world are improving everyday.

Ortadoğu Holding which started out to work in international transportation and construction in 1981, is continuing practices in various fields such as energy, construction, health, logistics, food, foreign trade and environmental technology. Our Holding, which did not stop with this, is continuing to invest in areas which will provide added value to our country. Of course, all this work can be done with a qualified labor force. Considering this, we, as a Holding, give extremely high priority to qualified labor force. More than half of our workers have graduate and post graduate degrees.

Our Holding, which gains successful results in every area it turns a hand to, has increased its recognition both domestically and overseas with the projects it has implemented.  Our investments especially in energy, construction and the health sector are being followed closely by overseas countries.

As it can be seen from the successes that it has maintained from every field in which it takes part, Ortadoğu Holding searches for innovative and reforming business opportunities and makes investments in these fields. Our Holding has helped with important improvements of the health sector in Turkey with investments in this field and it has taken a pioneering role. Also, it is Ortadoğu Holding which has developed Europe’s biggest “Energy Production from Landfill Gases Project” with 48 MW of installed power.

Ortadoğu Holding has contributed to the country’s economy in various fields from renewable and conventional energy investments to recycling fossil fuels, creating projects for home and commercial building and constructing to international logistics and transportation, from health facility consultancy, construction and management to development of innovative waste and environment management solutions, and from food production to value added international trade.

We of course know the importance of being institutionalized in order to be included in such a wide range and be able to overcome this successfully and to generate sustainable growth in line with this, and we are taking steps towards this objective.

In accordance with our aims, we will continue to invest in energy plants. We plan on increasing our nearly 50 MW installed power to 500 MW installed power within 5 years. We will also continue our projects in the investment stage for wind energy and geothermal energy fields. Along with this, we are planning to establish a thermal plant with conventional energy at the level of 300 MW. In addition to all these, we are planning to enter in the tourism sector with a 5-star hotel. Our Holding, which has 390,000 m² construction site, will continue to make projects focused on housing, in particular for Istanbul.

In every field that we enter, we first make a thorough feasibility study, and then we take steps. We believe that if we gain a good grasp in any topic, success is inevitable in such practices. In short, I can summarize our working values with the following key terms: Customer oriented, innovation, resource optimization, sustainable work model, institutionalized management, first knowledge then practice, planned work, courage and target oriented.

MEHMET GÜR Chairman of Board / CEO