Entrepreneurship culture requires a serious team work and team spirit. The exemplary work and brand projects that Ortadoğu Holding carry out entirely with its domestic capital in every sector it enters are giving all its employees a chance to experience the real entrepreneurship culture.

Our employees, who are part of a big family, overcome the challenges that professional business life brings with team spirit by interlocking within the entrepreneurship culture. The projects that we have created as a group are another form of motivation for our workers due to the top level contribution of the projects to the community and the awareness of institutional social responsibilities within the group. This is one of the biggest factors for why workers’ satisfaction is at the top level.


In light of the Modern Human Resources practices, we follow systems with an updated and scientific infrastructure in the field of performance management for hiring, career development, charges and vested benefits.

In our hiring practices, there are practices for competence based and cognitive interviews, group and panel interviews, case/presentation work, personality inventory and various skill testing.

The title and level of our new friends who have newly started working in the group are determined in the context of internationally accepted methodologies. In this respect, our workers’ career planning and charge policies are all made systematically.

Our workers’ performance evaluation is measured every year and the results are added to our workers’ charge package. Our performance evaluation system is target and competence oriented and is providing an output for education and development practices in light of the evaluation of the management, team and human resources.

Our Group is aiming to give the highest education level possible for our workers in the areas determined as necessary in light of the constant learning principle. In this scope, whether it is in the professional/technical context, or social and personal development based, training is given constantly by internal and external educators.


Our goal as Human Resources is to create a workplace in which our happy, healthy and highly motivated employees can improve themselves within an actively systematic infrastructure, thus enabling our organization to constantly improve and be successful.

Our perception of the future is to create an organization which has become a global brand with its employees who have overcome important projects around the world and proven themselves in their field.


We pay attention that our work environment has been designed in an ergonomic way that will increase the comfort of our employees and that the colors that have been used are identical to those of nature with calming tones.


Our group is constantly growing in the fields that it has been working in since 1981 with its mission and vision. Our number of employees has been increasing parallel to this. We believe that we are a big family with the new friends who have newly joined us.

Below are remarks by our “Family Elders” and “Young Members of Our Family” who have brought our group to where we are today
and endeavored to create a stable growth.

ÜNAL EKİNCİChief of Administrative Construction
Construction Group

For Ortadoğu Holding, which was founded under modest conditions in 1981, to add large values to our country’s economy along with being a place for people to work and a place to provide food for thousands of people is something praiseworthy. And I am very proud for joining this humble family a short while after its establishment and seeing how big a family we have become.

ERŞAT ESENSenior Business Analyst
Energy Group

For me, Ortadoğu means; “a place where I can work with successful managers in their field and a place where I can constantly improve myself with dynamic team friends, a place where I contribute to the well-being of the country and community in which I turn education into practice, living in a family where respect and love are dominant.”

MELTEM GÜNDÜZOfficer of Media and Corporate Communications
Healthcare Group

For me it is an honor and a reassuring feeling to work in Ortadoğu Holding that has been continuously growing since 1981 and making different and new investments for the country’s economy. Working in Ortadoğu Holding is making me happy.

AHMET ÇİÇEKCİSpecialist of Energy Trade
Energy Group

For me, Ortadoğu can be summed up in 3 words; family, warmth and school…



Our organization is providing job opportunities for people who have been educated in various fields, people with experience or new graduate candidates. Our basic expectations from candidates for any position are as follows:

  • Self-confidence,
  • Positive thinking,
  • Openness to innovations,
  • Strong communication and persuasion skills,
  • Team spirit,
  • Self-motivation skill.