Ortadoğu Holding started working in the field of safe waste recycling in 2008 and in this context set up the first “Safe Mud Recycling Facilities” in Izmir’s Torbalı town.

While producing cover materials from treatment sludge of paper, tobacco etc of industrial plants in our facility which has the first and only license in this field, at the same time, compost and bio-fuels are produced from organic wastes.

Within the scope of the firm “ADS Waste Recycling Systems”, the following services are offered:

  • Offering disposal services in accordance with the regulations at our “Safe Waste Recycling Facility” for industrialists, municipalities and organized industrial zones for “Safe Waste” which could not be disposed of at the worksite.
  • In the matter of waste management: offering solutions to municipalities, industrial estates and industrial enterprises for the best waste treatment methods.
  • In the matters of “Water Recycling” and “Waste Water Treatment”, offering turn-key facility installations and revision services by following the technological innovations in the sector closely.

Ortadoğu Holding is producing solutions for the setting up of complete systems that meet the requirements specified in the “Regulation for Control of Medical Wastes” and “Sterilization of Medical Wastes” directive and that provide sterilization at the required level in the “Medical Waste Management Projects”.


  • Safe Waste Recycling Systems
  • Medical Waste Sterilization
  • Water Recycling Facilities and Waste Water Treatment
  • Compost and Fertilizer Facilities
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