Ortadoğu Holding makes imports and exports of a wide range of products from food to chemicals and from metal products to cleaning agents mainly to African and Central Asian countries. Along with international trade, Ortadoğu Holding has also entered in the production field and made investments in manufacturing of metal products.

Ortadoğu Holding is making sales of primarily food, cleaning agents and metal products in Ghana, one of Western Africa’s most developed countries. The aim of Ortadoğu Holding is to spread the success that was maintained in Ghana to the whole of West Africa and make these Turkish made products known and vendible in these countries.

Another field of practice for international trade is the Turkic Republics. Here, mainly construction materials are being sold. Along with it, there are import and export practices for metal in Europe too.


  • International Trade with African, Central Asian and European Countries
  • Import and Export of Foods, Chemicals, Metal Products and Cleaning Agents
  • Production of Metal Products
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