1- (“website”) is awebsite belonging to Ortadoğu Nak. İnş. Turz. İhr. Paz. A.Ş.(“ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG”). ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG will not disclose the personal informations which are send by users via the website, to the third parties, except in human resources departmant for the recruitment procedures, in signing contracts with our members and customers and in the objectives and scope of this non-disclosure aggreement. The personal infromations which will be collected the scope of works for human resources, will be used and stored only in our data banks. Personal informations are conclusive presumption, which are send by Member/ Applicant via web site. ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG is not to be responsible for the damages on account of giving wrong infromations by Member/ Applicant.

The informations which are collected in the computers of ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG, only will be used in human resources departmant for the recruitment procedures, for periodic campaigns, for develop customers profiles for special promotional activities and making the classfication of our customers for “unwanted e-mail” feedbacks. Any time, The Customer/ Applicant can pause the activity of advertising e-mails which we have send , by sending mail to Personal informations can be used to contact with The Customer/ Applicant if it is necessary.

2- ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG can give links to other websites within the website. ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG does not bear any responsibility for the privacy applications and contents of the website accessed via the link. ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG will not reveal the users’ information to the companies that it is not in collaboration with and to the third parties unless stated otherwise and except the following limited situations:

a. To obey the obligations required by rules of law in effect like Statute, Decree Law, Legislation etc. That are introduced by authorized judicial authorities,

b. To do the necessary fort he agreements it signed with the members of ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG and the enterprises, and to put them into action,

c. For the executive or judicial authorities, to demand information about the users with the aim of conducting a research or an investigation performed in due form,

d. To give information to protect user rights and user safety.

ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG takes the necessary measures to keep the personel information private and confidential, considers it as a responsibility of confidentiality to provide and maintain the privacy, prevent teh whole or a part of the private information from entering to the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to third party. ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG will not take any responsibility if the private information is damaged or falls into third parties as a result of the sytem and the attacks on the website although ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG takes the necessary precautions of information security.

ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG can unilaterally change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time by publishing on web site. The changed provisions of the Privacy Policy come into force on the date of publication on web site by ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG.